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Seasonal, Organic, Local, Vegan

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Studio Spread

Show your artists and clients that Nashville has more to offer than hot chicken. Solv caters to all lifestyles with nourishing, vegetable driven meals from a local, woman owned company.

Zero Waste Catering

We deliver an ethically sourced, chef driven meal in reusable containers, and offer a same-day pick up of dishes and compost! Just scrape your plate, and we’ll do the rest. 

Drop Off Catering

Any event, any time: We will bring our resuable and sustainable containers full of delicious vegetable driven food. Ask us about gluten and nut free options. We have plenty!

Corporate Events

Tired of corporate catering? Solv is locally owned and sources its ingredients from Nashville’s abundant farming community. Energize your lunch meeting with sustainable, nourishing, & unique fare.

We Love Our

Local Farmers

 All vegetables on Solv’s menus are sourced seasonally from organic Middle Tennessee farms 




Wedding Catering

From cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres to robust buffet options and fully plated dinners, impress your guests with a gorgeous vegan and locally sourced spread on your big day. 

Only Local, Fresh Ingredients

Know where your food comes from when you eat with Solv.

Nashville Healthy Vegan Catering

Welcome to SOLV, your first choice for Nashville healthy vegan catering. SOLV stands for Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan, and it is these healthy options that our clients get with each deliciously catered meal. We offer Nashville vegan office catering for Music Row executives country music artists, local indie bands, and anyone else who prefers to make conscious decisions about the food with which they fuel their bodies.

While there may be other healthy catering companies in Nashville TN, none are as committed to bringing health-conscious, mindful meals as SOLV. If you are concerned with reducing your carbon footprint on the world, SOLV’s catered meals are sustainable Nashville vegan catering options because we prepare all our meals to be 100% zero-waste. We provide clients with a bin for their reusable dishes and utensils and a waste bucket for food scraps. We arrange for pick-up of both after your event to make your clean-up a breeze. All dishes are washed and reused and food scraps are composted.

We Use Only Ingredients Grown on Tennessee Farms

Also, as part of our commitment to excellence in healthy vegan catering in Nashville TN, we pledge to always use locally sourced farm to table fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in season. From vine-ripe tomatoes to melt-in-your-mouth melons, all the foods we use in all our recipes were grown just a few short miles from your door.

We partner with several local organic farms to harvest the freshest ingredients at the peak of their flavor potential. We then blend these ingredients into some of the tastiest vegan options our customers have ever had. All of our Nashville healthy vegan catering offerings can be made gluten- and nut-free so those with allergies can enjoy their meals without worries. Even non-vegans confess to loving our wonderfully seasoned menu items.

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Most people don’t — and don’t want to, because they know they might not like the answer. At SOLV, we know where all our ingredients come from so that is never a question. Our foods are never flown in or driven across interstate highways. They are trucked in by local farmers traveling short distances from their fields to our kitchens. We strive to be number one on the list of healthy catering companies in Nashville TN for all our customers.

Let SOLV Solve Your Catering Dilemmas

Putting together the healthiest meal options can be a challenge for vegan office catering in Nashville TN. But there is far more to Nashville than its barbecue joints. We have found that when you prepare delicious well-seasoned foods mindfully from locally sourced ingredients, people don’t even miss the meat alternatives that are far less healthful and reflective of social consciousness.

We want to provide the best Nashville healthy vegan catering menus that we can. The next time you decide to host a catered party, luncheon or office event, let SOLV be your solution. We will work with you to customize our menu options to include all of your in-season favorite ingredients.


“We had Solv deliver lunch to a co-write for a few artists we have in town. Needless to say, our clients were THRILLED to have such delicious and healthy vegan options.”

It was delicious!!!! A hit among everyone, vegans and non-vegans alike! It made the birthday girl so very happy too. Thank you so very much for the scrumptious dinner and yummy breakfast. How much would it be to do that meal or a meal for 21 people for lunch or breakfast? I would love to do for our staff at school. Would you ever want to do a camp or mom’s night or cooking lesson or group?

It was great! There was plenty of food, and people really enjoyed it. A lot of the people who were there were vocally appreciative of having such healthy, fresh food at a catered event—a real change from what we often have! We will definitely be recommending you to others and will ask you to cater more of our events. Thank you so much for doing it!

“For vegans and non vegans alike! Our wedding day was made immeasurably better by what Solv was able to provide. From our rehearsal dinner to late night snacks, not a single one of our omnivore guests had anything to say about there being no meat or cheese at our celebration. We could not reccomend these ladies higher.”

“The food was AMAZING, and arguably not even the best part. Dana and Rachel were a pleasure to work with. Their dedication to little to no waste is inspiring, and their knowledge of where the food comes from made the dishes taste that much better.”

“You can taste the passion in Solv’s food!” 

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