Bellevue Farm To Table Catering

There has been a lack of Bellevue farm to table catering companies, and vegan menu options are even rarer. But that all changed when SOLV opened its doors in 2018. Like our name, our company’s principles revolve around preparing Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan menu items for all of our clients’ business meetings, parties, weddings and other catered events in Middle Tennessee.

Quality Catering with a Conscience

Customers need farm to table catering in Bellevue TN so they can continue to honor their personal commitments to lead socially-conscious and mindful lives. By preparing only gluten free catering in Bellevue TN, SOLV continues to meet the dining needs of Bellevue residents who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies.

SOLV understands guests’ worries when catered events don’t offer Bellevue nut free catering menu items, as nuts are a common allergy trigger. That’s why our foods are cruelty-free, made from only locally sourced and seasonal fruits and vegetables and can all be made to contain no common allergens or animal by-products.

SOLV Offers Post-Event Clean-Up

Ever wonder where all the plastic forks and paper plates wind up after an event? In landfills, contributing to the pollution. Not with SOLV, since Bellevue’s gluten free catering company leaves clients with bins for the reusable dishware and cutlery and also for food scraps. We then compost the scraps and fertilize our gardens with it.

We Serve Delicious Vegan Cuisine

Bellevue farm to table catering menus are fully customizable so all clients can tailor their menus to suit their preferences and their guests’ dietary restrictions. SOLV’s vegan farm to table catering in Bellevue TN takes the guesswork out of meal planning when allergens are a concern. Our clients rave about our Bellevue farm to table catering menus that use fresh organic ingredients from local Tennessee farms only a few short miles from your door.

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