Bellevue Zero Waste Catering

If you are a resident of Bellevue, zero waste catering is here. SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan) opened its cyber doors in 2018, and we’ve been providing eco-friendly catering in Bellevue TN ever since. We have committed to living a mindful and sustainable lifestyle both in our personal convictions and business decisions. That’s why when we decided to operate a company offering zero waste catering in Bellevue TN, we realized that we had tapped an unmet need in Middle Tennessee.

What Is Eco Friendly Catering in Bellevue TN?

Many people might not understand what Bellevue zero waste catering actually translates into. For SOLV, it means only serving our clients the finest organically grown, vine-ripe produce harvested from the fields and gardens of our own local Tennessee farmers. It also means that we do away with unnecessary waste in preparation and packaging. All of our meals are delivered to our clients’ event venues in reusable dishware. We provide clients with cutlery and dishes to serve their guests and a post-event pick-up bucket that we retrieve the next day. We also include a bucket for collection of food scraps so we can later compost it and add it to our herb and vegetable gardens. For us, Bellevue eco-friendly catering is a lifestyle we fully embrace.

Vegan Cuisine Offers Many Delectable Choices

Who said that vegan cooking has to be bland? It certainly wasn’t the chefs at SOLV! We turn the finest ingredients into delicious meals made from the freshest seasonal ingredients you can find in Middle Tennessee. All of our menu offerings are vegan with no animal by-products. All menu items can be augmented to not contain common allergens like nuts or gluten. We serve full-course meals of hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees and naturally sweetened and gluten-free desserts. There’s no need to deny yourself when SOLV is in the kitchen because we only serve healthful and delicious meals that even non-vegans rave about. Bellevue sustainable catering has never tasted quite this good.

Make the Choice for Sustainable Catering in Bellevue TN with SOLV

We’ve been encouraged to find that when presented with options, many residents choose the sustainable choice we offer at SOLV. While there may not be many Bellevue zero waste catering options, this will always be an option from SOLV.

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