Green Hills Farm To Table Catering

SOLV offers residents of Green Hills farm to table catering options that are Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan (SOLV). At SOLV, we believe in being mindful of what we eat and have a strong commitment to leading a sustainable vegan lifestyle. To that end, our Green Hills gluten free catering company prepares meals that are free of most common allergy triggers.

SOLV Found a Niche

There are very few companies offering farm to table catering in Green Hills TN and even fewer that offer Green Hills nut free catering menus. But our customers deserve the peace of mind that comes from serving their guests Green Hills farm to table catering meals containing no nuts, gluten or meat by-products.

At SOLV, we use sustainable and earth-friendly practices for all of our products and packaging. When we deliver our gluten free catering in Green Hills TN to our clients’ event and party venues, we always include a bin to collect the reusable cutlery and dishes. A second bin is left to collect food scraps which we then compost and return to the soil.

Our Meals Lack Allergens but Never Taste

All of our Green Hills farm to table catering menu items are designed around seasonal, locally sourced vegan ingredients. The fruits and vegetables we use are always fresh and ripe right off the vine. Even non-vegans give two thumbs up for our healthful and delicious meals. If you are looking for allergen- and nut free catering in Green Hills TN, SOLV is the premier option for Middle Tennessee residents who want to live mindful, healthy and socially-conscious lives. We will be honored to cater your next event of any type, on a grand scale or for an intimate gathering where fostering pure consciousness is as important as healthy eating and a wonderful time connecting with others.

Eat With Us!

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