Green Hills Zero Waste Catering

Think about the last time you catered a party. There likely was a great deal of paper, plastic and food waste. Now, thanks to SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan), it’s possible to have Green Hills zero waste catering at your next event or party. SOLV is committed to promoting eco friendly catering in Green Hills TN. Our strong commitment comes from the idea that leading our best lives also involves protecting the environment to the best of our abilities in both our business and personal lives.

SOLV Takes the Guess Work out of Green Hills Eco Friendly Catering

Most of our clients are eager to do more to support the environment but aren’t sure where to start. To reach our goal of Green Hills zero waste catering, we believe in KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart). SOLV uses organic ingredients grown on local Tennessee farms and blends them together to produce deliciously tasty vegan meals. We then pack those meals into reusable containers and deliver them with utensils and dishes to your event. As further evidence of our efforts to promote sustainable catering in Green Hills TN, we leave two bins with our clients. One is for collection of the reusable cutlery and dishes and the other is to collect the food scraps which we then compost and toss onto our herb gardens.

We Only Have One Earth

Since we must care for the planet we occupy, it makes sense to commit to Green Hills zero waste catering for your next catered event. But we at SOLV noticed that there are few Green Hills sustainable catering companies. That’s why we felt that we could make a great environmental impact by establishing our vegan catering company right here in Nashville. Sustainable and conscious living is our passion, and we strive to make SOLV the number one company for zero waste catering in Green Hills TN.

Eat With Us!

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