Madison Best Vegetarian Catering

Here in Madison the best vegetarian catering company is also one of the newest. SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan) offers Madison vegetarian party catering options for those who pursue a mindful lifestyle.

Our sustainable lifestyle is reflected in the menus we offer our clients for vegetarian food catering in Madison TN. All of our meals are created right here in Middle Tennessee, using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables grown just a few miles away on farms we partner with to deliver the best vegetarian catering in Madison TN.

Zero Waste Catering Found Only at SOLV

When we deliver our delectable catered meals to the door of your event, we also provide our customers with two bins. One collects the reusable dishes and cutlery and the other is for food scraps we then compost for use on next season’s crops. Our mindful clients appreciate SOLV’s unwavering commitment to a sustainable environment.

Let SOLV Cater Your Upcoming Wedding

We provide clients with the best experience of vegetarian wedding catering in Madison TN. In order to become Madison’s best vegetarian catering company, we sought to meet unmet needs. There was a dearth of vegan catering options here in Middle Tennessee, and SOLV rushed to fill the void.

If you are planning a wedding or other formal event, arrange a consultation with SOLV to discover all of our vegan options, including:

  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Salads & Sides
  • Main courses
  • Desserts

SOLV makes Madison vegetarian wedding catering a top business priority with the customized menu options and sustainable, cruelty-free, gluten-free and nut-free foods all delivered right to your home, office or off-site venue.

Broaden Your Catering Horizons with SOLV

Don’t feel you need to bring out barbecue to your next catered event. As part of our commitment to become Madison’s best vegetarian catering company, we work with our clients to design customized menus to reflect both meal preferences and dietary requirements of all the guests we serve.

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