Madison Farm To Table Catering

For your next party or event in Middle Tennessee, design your menus around Madison farm to table catering menus. SOLV’s (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan) commitment to sustainable living includes offering residents gluten free catering in Madison TN. We know the common triggers for food allergies, and by offering nut free catering in Madison TN and other delicious vegan meals, we remain head and shoulders above our competition.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Next Gathering with SOLV

SOLV’s pledge to live a sustainable lifestyle extends beyond food preparation to Earth-friendly post-event clean-up practices. In addition to offering farm to table catering in Madison TN, with every meal delivery, we include two bins. One is to collect the reusable silverware and dishes and the other is for food scraps. We toss the scraps on the compost pile and use them in our herb gardens. Our Madison farm to table catering company is proud to offer zero waste catering menus to our customers because we truly believe in leading our best lives at all times.

Our Food Never Travels Far

Most Tennessee catering companies use foods in their menus that were driven or flown in from thousands of miles away. Meat and seafood items typically originate very far away from their final destinations. But not at SOLV, because our Madison nut free catering company uses only the freshest locally sourced ingredients that are in season to ensure that our clients’ catered meal options are not only organic but tasty and sumptuous as well.

Broaden Your Catering Horizons

When you think of vegan catering, think of SOLV. We at SOLV want to be the catering company you turn to first for Madison gluten free catering options. If you are tired of the same old offerings from local caterers, you need to give our Madison farm to table catering company the opportunity to wow you with all of our delicious and seasonal menu items. Also, all menu choices are completely customizable to reflect our clients’ dietary restrictions, requirements and individual preferences.

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