Madison Zero Waste Catering

Welcome to your option for Madison zero waste catering. SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan) realizes that most people probably have never given much thought to zero waste catering in Madison TN. But the problem is that traditional catering adds a great deal of environmental waste to Tennessee’s already overflowing landfills. When we sought eco friendly catering in Madison TN, we came up empty, so we decided to create our own company for sustainable catering in Madison TN.

What Is Madison Zero Waste Catering?

For the residents of Madison, zero waste catering has never been an option. Think of the last catered event you hosted or attended. It likely involved a plethora of trash from the paper, plastic and aluminum food packaging. Bagging it up doesn’t get rid of it. It just transfers the waste elsewhere. But SOLV uses only sustainable, earth-friendly practices, products and packaging for our catered vegan meals.

We provide post-event pick-up service for our clients with bins for the used dinnerware and utensils. We also give them a second bin to collect compostable food scraps we then compost and spread over our gardens. Our commitment to Madison eco friendly catering eliminates a great deal of the trash that traditional catering companies simply truck off to landfills.

Sustainability Begins in Farmers’ Fields

Because of our strong commitment to Madison sustainable catering, SOLV partners with several local organic Tennessee farmers who share the same philosophy. Together, we are able to create wonderfully tasty vegan hors d’oeuvres, entrees and desserts that have even won over non-vegans due to their deliciousness. We can customize any of our seasonal vegan menus to accommodate your own food preferences and the dietary requirements and restrictions of your guests.

By only using and cooking with the ripest seasonal ingredients from Tennessee gardens and fields, all of our offerings are always flavorful and fresh-tasting. If using Madison zero waste catering at your next party or catered event is a priority for you, give SOLV a call.

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