Murfreesboro Best Vegetarian Catering

Welcome to SOLV, Murfreesboro’s best vegetarian catering company. Our Nashville-based catering company offers vegetarian food catering in Murfreesboro TN for your wedding, party or other celebratory gathering of friends, family and business associates.

What Does SOLV Stand For?

Our name is an acronym representing Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan catering options. To become the best vegetarian catering in Murfreesboro TN, we had to find a niche to meet the unmet catering needs of Murfreesboro residents. Here at SOLV, our commitment to sustainable living choices is evident in our customizable Murfreesboro vegetarian party catering menus.

Ask About Our Customized Wedding Menu Options

If you are in the throes of planning your wedding, Murfreesboro’s vegetarian wedding catering options include zero waste catering to make clean-up tasks a breeze. When SOLV delivers your catered meals to your wedding venue, we give you two bins for post-event pick-up. In one go all the reusable dishes and cutlery items. The other bin is for food scraps we then compost and return to the earth.

SOLV Supports Local Middle Tennessee Farmers

As Murfreesboro’s best vegetarian catering company, SOLV partners with local farmers to harvest only the freshest organic fruits and vegetables from their fields. All of our meals are made from locally sourced foods grown here in Middle Tennessee and driven just a few short farm-to-table miles. We value and support our family farmers who embrace the cruelty-free vegan lifestyle we continue to live.

A 21st Century Company

SOLV may be a young company, but our vision extends far. We strive to offer the best vegetarian catering in Murfreesboro TN because we care both about the environment and our customers’ health and well-being. Murfreesboro’s best vegetarian catering options include vegan menu items from seasonal and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres to fine desserts made with nature’s own sweeteners.

Eat With Us!

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