Murfreesboro Farm To Table Catering

When you are planning your next catered event, SOLV is the premier Murfreesboro farm to table catering company. We offer only locally sourced, delicious organic vegan meals as part of our ongoing commitment to living a sustainable life. SOLV stands for Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan, and that is all that we prepare.

Those seeking Murfreesboro gluten free catering menus can rest assured that our offerings can be made without gluten and other common allergens. It can be challenging to plan menus for business luncheons when you are not aware of all attendees’ food allergies and sensitivities. SOLV takes the guesswork out of farm to table catering in Murfreesboro TN because there are no hidden ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions.

We Deliver and Do Post-Event Pick-Ups

When you hire SOLV for Murfreesboro farm to table catering, we deliver homemade seasonal meals right to the door of your home, office or event venue. The day of or after the event, we pick up the bins — one for reusable dishes and cutlery and the other containing leftover food scraps. We use the compost on our gardens to continue bringing our clients delicious and wholesome gluten free catering in Murfreesboro TN.

Let SOLV Customize Your Event Menu

Are you planning an event using nut free catering in Murfreesboro TN? SOLV is eager to work with customers to design tasty seasonal produce harvested from several local Tennessee farms with which we have partnered since opening for business in 2018. These strong partnerships allow us to suggest many seasonal menu items that are perfect for your next meeting or party.

Mindful Living on Sustainable Levels

Are you looking for vegan alternatives and Murfreesboro nut free catering? SOLV continues to outshine Murfreesboro farm to table catering competitors with our vegan menu items that delight both vegans and meat-eaters at all the gatherings we cater. Who said sustainable vegan catering has to be bland? They never tried the deliciousness that comes from the kitchens at SOLV!

Eat With Us!

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