Murfreesboro Zero Waste Catering

You may be surprised to learn about a new trend in sustainable living options. Murfreesboro zero waste catering from SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan) is the best option for sustainable catering in Murfreesboro TN. When you think of Middle Tennessee, country music and barbecue often comes to mind more frequently than organic, vegan cuisine. But there are many Murfreesboro residents who embrace sustainable and socially conscious lifestyles just like we at SOLV do. We feel that we are meeting a need by offering the residents of Murfreesboro sustainable catering choices that just happen to be scrumptious!

Why Offer Eco Friendly Catering in Murfreesboro TN?

SOLV is the only company that provides the residents of Murfreesboro with zero waste catering. The need is clearly there, as many people don’t want to host catered gatherings or business meetings when they don’t know the potential allergies or food sensitivities of all the guests. SOLV’s gluten- and nut-free dishes are free of common allergens and are also cruelty-free as they contain no animal by-products. In Murfreesboro, eco friendly catering may be the wave of the future, and SOLV is clearly ahead of the game.

Customize Your Vegan Menu

Because SOLV follows the natural calendar, we offer only locally sourced fruits and vegetables from the fields and gardens of some of the finest organic farming families that live in and around Murfreesboro. What dishes would you like to see on the menu at your wedding reception or other gathering? We work closely with our clients to ensure that their customized menu choices reflect their personal preferences as well as their guests’ dietary requirements and restrictions. When it comes to zero waste catering in Murfreesboro TN, we are at the top of our game.

SOLV Meets Unmet Needs

Cleaning up after parties is never fun, but as part of our commitment to Murfreesboro sustainable catering, we deliver meals with two bins for post-event pick-up. One collects the used dinnerware and cutlery and the other is for waste scraps from the food. We wash, sanitize, and re-use the serving items and compost the food scraps to make compost for local fields and gardens. SOLV wants to share our vision of eco friendly catering in Murfreesboro TN with all of our clients.

Eat With Us!

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