Nashville Farm To Table Catering

Nashville farm to table catering now has delicious vegan offerings from SOLV. Our name — and our company’s philosophy — stands for Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan. That’s what our company strives to provide with our nut free catering in Nashville TN.

But that’s not the only allergen we avoid using in our catered meals. All of our menus created in SOLV kitchens are also designed to promote gluten free catering in Nashville TN.

Humble Beginnings Lead to Great Things

When we opened our Nashville farm to table catering company in 2018, we sought to fill an unmet need. None of the options for farm to table catering in Nashville TN included zero waste catering, so we wanted to make that happen. When we deliver our Nashville nut free catering meals to our clients, we always provide them with a bin to collect our reusable utensils and dishes, and another to collect leftover food scraps for composting

Try Our Catered Seasonal Meals

When you cook according to the seasons, you can use the freshest produce grown right here just a few miles outside of Nashville. That means that all of our foods are made from the ripest tomatoes, the sweetest strawberries and the most succulent watermelons. And because our Nashville gluten free catering doesn’t use ingredients that commonly cause allergies, you and your guests at your next upscale catered event can feel free to indulge.

We’re Committed to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a mindful, socially conscious life means making good decisions about the foods we put into our bodies. Our Nashville farm to table catering company wants to provide Middle Tennessee residents with a better and healthier catering option. We can customize all of our catered vegan menus to reflect the preferences and dietary requirements and restrictions of our customers and their guests.

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