Nashville Zero Waste Catering

If your philosophy includes living mindfully within Earth’s ecosystem, you may be interested in Nashville zero waste catering. Here at SOLV (Seasonal, Organic, Local and Vegan), we only use sustainable and earth-friendly practices, products and packaging for our catered meals.

Your Option for Zero Waste Catering in Nashville TN

We support eco friendly catering in Nashville TN because we know that catering events typically generates more trash for landfills. SOLV chooses a better way. Instead of contributing even more trash, we use reusable cutlery and dishes for our catered meals and provide clients with a bin for collection after the event. We also provide a bin to collect compostable food scraps to end the cycle of waste.

If you support sustainable catering in Nashville TN, we at SOLV would like to be your go-to caterers. With a little effort, we have made zero waste catering in Nashville TN possible. When you think of Nashville, eco friendly catering might not come to mind as frequently as country music or barbecue. But, SOLV is a Nashville-based catering company with strong sustainability principles.

Commit to Sustainable Catering for Your Next Event

You may have never considered your options in Nashville for sustainable catering — and that’s okay. SOLV is ahead on the leading edge when it comes to Nashville zero waste catering. In addition to our eco-friendly approach to clean-up, SOLV uses only locally sourced produce grown right here on Tennessee farms to create our delicious and healthful catered meals. None of our vegan meals contain animal by-products and can be made to not contain common known allergens like nuts or gluten. The next time you plan a catered party, business meeting or other celebratory gathering, support eco friendly catering in Nashville TN by allowing SOLV to solve all your catering dilemmas with our delectable offerings.

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